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Discover the Power of fnxt

Connect to the fnxt ecosystem via easy-to-implement tipster structures or our marketplace solution and offer your clients high-quality, regulated financial products from various issuers

Universal login

A single login grants access to multiple marketplaces with a centralized investor master database, eliminating the need for multiple registrations.

  • One login to access and tipster across marketplaces
  • Get direct access without registering over and over again
  • Speak with your customers about the marketplaces that will excite them and earn commision across all of them
  • Your customers get direct access thanks to their own Universal Login and can directly engage

Attractive commissions

As a sales partner, introduce customers to the innovative products offered by fnxt and earn up to 5% in commissions. Customers can also benefit from up to 5 years of customer protection through the program.

  • Introduce FINEXITY and the innovative products to your customers
  • Benefit from commissions of up to 5% as a sales partner
  • Get up to 5 years of customer protection.

Customer investments

Refer customers to the fnxt platform and participate in all investments of the referred customer without your own effort.

  • Participate in all investments made by recommended customers
  • The respective marketplace takes care of investor oboarding, marketing and customer care.


In your broker dashboard you have all the necessary information about your personal data, your commissions and the performance of your clients.

  • Have all your data clearly arranged in one place
  • Track your earned commissions in a transparent way
  • Review the performance of your referred customers

Invite customers

To promote fnxt products, sales partners can share their provided affiliate link with customers or prospects, use prepared email templates to introduce and explain the platform, and utilize advertising materials such as investment guides to inform customers about the products.

  • Share your personal affiliate link provided in the dashboard with your customers or prospects
  • Conveniently use the prepared email templates to introduce and explain FINEXITY to your customers
  • Utilize the fnxt advertising material, such as investment guides for the individual asset classes, to inform your customers about the FINEXITY products

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"Finexity's IT infrastructure works perfectly. We are very satisfied with the support in all technical matters. We experience FINEXITY as highly professional, reliable and customer-oriented. The cooperation is very efficient and trusting."

Tobias Hintelmann
Managing Director - Sachwert Invest
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