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Create cost-effective digital financial products with fnxt solutions and offer them to a wide range of customers via the fnxt ecosystem across a variety of brokerage marketplaces

Universal login

Customers can invest directly in your products with a single login and kyc, reducing the friction between their first visit and their first investment. This investment process is based on accurate, cross-platform core customer data.

  • Your customers can directly invest into your products
  • Shorten the friction from first visit to first investment
  • Rely on accurate, platform-spanning core customer data

Central asset database

The fnxt platform provides a centralized repository for products, enabling simultaneous sales across multiple marketplaces and reducing funding time. The platform also enables easy real-time tracking of product investments and investors, as well as increased visibility for customers across multiple marketplaces.

  • One single place to hold all your products
  • Sell across multiple marketplaces simultaneously
  • Reduce the financing time through combined marketplace power
  • Easily keep track of your products investments
  • Keep track of your investors in real time, regardless of token fungibility
  • Let your customers find you as easy as possible across widespread marketplaces


Users can issue regulated securities with FNXT tokens that are regulated by MiFID II, WpPG, and the EU Prospectus Regulation. Additionally, they can fund projects through the FNXT ecosystem and onboard investors who have been identified and whitelisted from different marketplaces.

  • Issue regulated securities with FNXT tokens regulated by MiFID II, WpPG and the EU Prospectus Regulation
  • Fund projects via the FNXT ecosystem and onboarded, identified and whitelisted investors from different marketplaces

Structuring workshops

By collaborating with the fnxt ecosystem, users can kickstart the structuring of their digital product and benefit from the team's expertise in the calculation and modeling of tokenized products. Additionally, users can gain valuable insights and profit from the team's extensive experience in the asset field to prepare for a successful digital launch.

  • Kickstart the structuring of your digital product
  • Benefit from our expertise in regards to the calculation and modeling of tokenized products
  • Gain valuable insights from our asst team and profit from their extensive experience
  • Collaborate with experts in their field who help you in preparing your digital launch

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"fnxt's IT infrastructure works perfectly. We are very satisfied with the support in all technical matters. We experience fnxt as highly professional, reliable and customer-oriented. The cooperation is very efficient and trusting."

Tobias Hintelmann
Managing Director - Sachwert Invest
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