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Discover the Power of fnxt

The fnxt marketplace is a holistic solution for issuing, distributing, investing and trading digitally regulated financial products in the 21st century

Universal login

A single login grants access to multiple marketplaces with a centralized investor master database, eliminating the need for multiple registrations. The KYC process is streamlined across the connected marketplaces, making investing more convenient and attractive for investors. The automatic detection of existing registration during sign-up reduces friction and enables a shorter path from the first visit to the first investment.

  • Investors can fund your products directly.
  • Reducing customer onboarding redundancies like KYC/AML checks.
  • Shorten the friction from first visit to first investment
  • Rely on accurate, platform spanning core customer data

Central asset database

The ecosystem provides a centralized store for all potential products, offering exclusive access to top-leading investment products from ecosystem partners. This allows for an upscale in offerings beyond the company's asset pipeline, with the ability to customize a product catalog featuring both own issuances and hundreds of external issuances.

  • One central store for all potential products
  • Curate you own product catalog based upon hundreds of issuances
  • Get exclusive access to the top leading investment products
  • Combine cross selling power by leveraging the ecosystem
  • Upscale your offerings beyond your own asset pipeline

Primary marketplace

Offer your financial products and the products from the central product database to your customers via your own digital marketplace. Easily curated via your product catalog, your marketplace lists all your financial products and makes them accessible to your customers through a completely digital investment path.

  • Offer standardized, regulated token products to your investors
  • Benefit from a seamless, end to end digital investment flow
  • Keep track of your users and their investments thanks to your powerful dashboard
  • From zero to hero in four weeks. Money back guarantee!

Secondary market

Financial products purchased on the primary market can be traded on the cross-platform secondary marketplace, increasing liquidity and creating exit options for investors. Previously illiquid assets are made fungible through tokenization.

  • Secondary market , on which token trading is possible at any time
  • Increased liquidity and exit option for the investor
  • Cross-marketplace secondary market to increase the liquidity of the co-listed assets
  • Instant settlement of transactions
  • Previously illiquid assets are made fungible via tokenization and the secondary market

Digital underwriting process

fnxt offers a fully digital and MiFID II compliant underwriting route with different payment methods, while identifying clients through integrated KYC/AML and appropriateness check. Clients can choose from integrated payment processing via e-wallet credit or bank transfer.

  • Provide a fully digital, MiFID II compliant underwriting route
  • Identify your clients through an integrated KYC/AML, via 2 different providers and appropriateness check
  • Offer different payment methods through integrated payment processing via e-wallet credit or bank transfer


The Customer Dashboard provides a central interface for managing product catalogs, users, investments, and marketplace settings. With a single login, customers can access all their products, customers, and investments and generate reports on individual products, customers, or investments. 

  • Provide your customers with a clear interface to track account balance, investments and pending transactions
  • Provide an overview of the invested assets and detailed information with just one click
  • Provide information on the performance of investments, capital gains and incoming payments


The fnxt tokens are regulated by MiFID II, WpPG and the EU Prospectus Regulation, making them a secure way to issue regulated securities. The platform offers up-to-date, regulatory-compliant digital identification methods for investor onboarding.

  • Issue regulated securities with FNXT tokens regulated by MiFID II, WpPG and the EU Prospectus Regulation
  • Distribute regulated financial products from other issuers
  • Utilize the digital identification methods provided and onboard investors regulatory compliant

Product Catalogue

Manage and curate your own marketplace with access to verified tokenized assets from other issuers, choose from a variety of available products, and easily activate products for your own marketplace. Strengthen distribution through co-listings and develop multi-asset strategies with ease.

  • Curate you own product catalog based upon hundreds of issuances
  • Manage your existing portfolio and organize your investments
  • Access to verified tokenized assets from other issuers
  • Uncomplicated activation of products for your own marketplace after approval by the respective issuers
  • Easy development of multi-asset strategies

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"fnxt's IT infrastructure works perfectly. We are very satisfied with the support in all technical matters. We experience fnxt as highly professional, reliable and customer-oriented. The cooperation is very efficient and trusting."

Tobias Hintelmann
Managing Director - Sachwert Invest
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